Monday, April 25, 2022

Salesforce: Send List Email (2)

This is to continue Salesforce: Send List Email blog written 19 months ago.

As per the EmailMessage blog, every email sent out will also create Task, the same for emails send from Send List Email in list view, it will create a Task too, but a bit different. Let us query the Tasks created.

From the above screenshot:
1st row is manual sending email from the Contact record
2nd row is using send list email from the Contact list view

1st row - Subject start with Email:
2nd row - Subject start with List Email:

Related To (or WhatId in API)
1st row - WhatId is blank
2nd row - WhatId starts with 0XB

Comments (or Description in API)
1st row - contain: To, CC, BCC, Subject, and Body of email
2nd row - blank

If you do not see the Send List Email button in the Lead or Contact list view, check this:

1. Make sure Send List Email is selected in the List View Button Layout in Contact or Lead object setup, it used to be called Search layouts for Salesforce Classic prior Summer '22 release. 

2. Make sure the users have Allow sending of List Emails permission. However, if you remove Mass Email permission, this permission will be auto removed too, and re-enable back the Mass Email permission will not auto-enable Allow sending of List Emails permission.

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