Friday, February 7, 2014

Salesforce: How to change field Label created by Managed Packages?

When you installed a managed package app into you Salesforce instance, you cannot edit label of the fields. If you click Edit button, both Field Label and Field Name is disable.

So, how to change the label? Here we go:
  1. Navigate to Setup - Translation Workbench - Override
  2. Select the Package, Language, Setup Component = Custom Field, Object and Aspect = Field Label
  3. It will show all custom fields for that object
  4. Double click in column 'Field Label Overwrite'
  5. Press TAB to move to next editable field or SHIFT-TAB to go to the previous editable field. 
  6. Click Save button and done.

View in object page layout, before:


With the same approach, we also can do for component:
  • Action
  • Apex Sharing Reason
  • Button and Link Label
  • Custom Field
  • Custom Report Type
  • Lookup Filter
  • Record Type
  • Validation Error Message
  • Web Tab
  • Workflow Task

Note: you do NOT need to enable Translation Settings to do this change.