Monday, September 9, 2013

Salesforce: Status = In Development

When standard Report Type is not enough, you can create Custom Report Type to define the set of records and fields available to a report based on the relationships between a primary object and its related objects. Reports display only records that meet the criteria defined in the report type. To create Custom Report Type, navigate to Setup | Create | Report Types and click New Custom Report Type.

The same when you create custom object from Setup | Create | Object, you need to choose Deployment status: In Deployment or Deployed.

Custom Report Type

Custom Object

Deployed - select this option when you're ready to let all users access the report type or object.

In Development - select this option if you want to test it before making it available to all your users, the report type or object will be hidden from all users except those with “Customize Application”user permission and user with “Manage Custom Report Types” permission for custom report type. Only users with those permission able to create and run reports using report types or related to that custom object.

Reference:  Create a Custom Report Type

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