Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salesforce: Setup Audit Trail

Setup audit trail helps to track setup changes done by system administrators or users with extra permissions. This feature is very useful for organizations with multiple administrators; or even to find if you forget when to a feature is enabled.

You can view the setup audit trail history, from Setup - Security Controls - View Setup Audit Trail. It will show latest 20 entry,  you also can download up to past 180 days history into CSV file. Audit Trail will show information of Date, User, Action, Section, and Delegate User (if any).

Please note that NOT ALL changes is tracked in Audit Trail, such as: Outlook Configurations, List Views and etc. Here list of type tracked in Audit trail :
- Administration
- Customization
- Security and Sharing
- Data Management
- Development
- Various Setup
- Using the application

For the complete list of changes tracked, please click here.

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