Thursday, September 12, 2013

Edit Data in Salesforce Report

Using report builder, creating a tabular report in Salesforce is something very easy can be done by any users. But, how about adding an Edit link in the report, would it be awesome? Once user click the link, it will bring user to the page layout in edit mode without have to open the record, so less click!!! (as long as user have the permission to edit the data)

Here sample for Opportunity:

1. Create a formula field in Opportunity
  • Do not need to add the field to any page layout, but make it visible to Profiles as required
  • Set Formula Return Type = Text
  • Type Label = Action
  • Formula = HYPERLINK('006/e?id='&Id, 'Edit' , '_blank')this formula will open new tab in the web browser when user click Edit link in report, or change _blank to _self if you prefer user to open the record in the same tab, meaning it will close the report.

2. Create Opportunity report
  • Select Tabular format report
  • Drag fields needed to the report and add the filters as normal report
  • Drag Action field from field list, preferably at the most left.

Note: if you need to have Action field for each object in the report, you need to create the formula field for that object.

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