Monday, September 23, 2013

Salesforce: Hidden Tab for Custom Object

Tab is one of the very useful feature in Salesforce and it is very simple. It provide user ability to create view to list all records or records with some criteria.

After create a custom object, admin can simply create a new tab from Setup - Create - Tabs and select Custom Object Tabs then create New button. But, if you are not using Unlimited Edition, there are number of maximum tab we can create based on the Salesforce edition, see the limit here.

Here a tip to create a hidden tab for custom object, meaning admin do not need to create new Tab, but we can use the function, here we go:

1. After custom object created, get the 3 characters Id Prefix
How to get the the prefix?

  • If you are using IDE, look for salesforce.schema for that object

2. Type the prefix after URL 
Example: object prefix is a03, type in the URL
Change 'na3' with your instance and make sure NOT to add / after the prefix.

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