Monday, September 9, 2013

Salesforce: Merge Account button

Out of the box, Salesforce have merge account function. User can merge 2 or more Accounts into Account, where user can select values from each account for each field to survive.

To launch Merge Accounts, just click Account tab and scroll down to Merge Accounts in Tools panel.

But, do we have Merge button in Account page layout? Out of the box, NO, but we can create custom Merge button without have to write any code. Here we go:

1. Go to Account object, click Buttons, Links, and Actions
2. Click New Button or Link button
3. Enter label, name, description
4. Behavior = Display in existing window without sidebar or header
5. Content Source = URL
6. Button or Link URL = /merge/accmergewizard.jsp?srch={!Account.Name}

After button created, you need to add the button into Account Page Layout.

This button exactly use the same function from Merge Accounts tool, we just add button to make user easier to merge Accounts from Account detail, so nothing fancy.

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