Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salesforce: No option to send email to Users when scheduling a Report or Dashboard

Do you aware when you enable Folder Sharing (this feature introduce in Summer '13 release), you will notice when you schedule a report for future run, you not see Roles, Roles and Subordinates and Users option anymore. See screenshot below:

Compare to before enabling folder sharing:

So in this case, you will not able to add individual users to receive email for the report. Even, the report folder is accessible by All Internal Users.

Salesforce aware of this issue, it is captured as know issue with plan to fix on Summer '14 release.

The workaround:
Add individual users need to receive email of schedule report to the report Folder Sharing, see this screenshot:

This issue and workaround is exactly the same for Schedule Dashboard Refresh, add user into Dashboard Folder share.

Reference: No available Groups, Roles or Users to select when scheduling a Report

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