Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Happens when You Delete Accounts in Salesforce

User permission to delete Account : “Delete” on account object.

Most accounts and their associated records can be deleted in one click - but some accounts can’t be deleted until associations have been removed. This is not related from where you delete the Account: page layout, apex code, API, etc.

Deleted accounts are moved to the Recycle Bin, along with these associated items.
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities (if they're not Closed Won)
  • Contracts (if they're not activated)
  • Activities
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Portal roles and groups (if all portal users in the account are disabled.)
  • Partner relationships
  • Relationship group members

If you restore an account from the Recycle Bin, any related items are also restored except for:
  • Relationship group members in some cases. 
  • Portal roles and groups. 

You can’t delete an account if:
  • You don’t have the “Delete” permission on accounts
  • You aren’t the account’s owner, above the account’s owner in the organization role hierarchy; or an administrator
  • The account is enabled as a partner account; it has associated cases, activated contracts, or related opportunities that are owned by other users; or it has associated contacts that are enabled for the Self-Service portal.

If you attempt to delete an account that has closed/won opportunities owned by you, a message displays asking you whether you want to delete the closed/won opportunities along with the account or to cancel the account deletion.

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