Thursday, May 12, 2016

Campaign Member Status & Responded

New campaigns have two default member status values: “Sent” and “Responded”. You can edit them or create new ones.
  • Click Advanced Setup on a campaign detail page.
  • Click Edit.
  • Update the existing entries or add new values.
  • Click Add More as needed to add additional entries. You can add up to 50 entries.
  • Select one entry as the “Default” value.
  • Choose which values will be counted as “Responded.”  Members with “Responded” values are tallied in the Total Responses field on the campaign. Status marked as Responded will cause a field called Responded to True (API Name = HasResponded)

But, you will also notice there is a field in Campaign Member object called Status, and when you click that field, you will see a few values there, and there are no New button to add value.

So, how this work? When user add new Status entry in Campaign detail page, if the Status doesn't exist in field Status in setup, system will auto add the new values, this is totally different with others picklist values.

Modifying the Responded checkbox has broad effects. When you select or deselect the Responded
checkbox, campaign statistics and campaign member details change accordingly. Specifically, the fields Responded, Last Responded Date, and Last Modified change on the campaign member record. For example, if you're working with a status called “Attended” and you select the Responded checkbox for it, existing campaign members whose status is “Attended” will then be counted as responses in campaign statistics and the aforementioned date fields will update.

Reference: Customizing Campaign Setup

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