Sunday, May 22, 2016

Salesforce: New Event versus New Meeting Request

In previous blog, we discussed about New Meeting Request. However, using Event and Select Invitee, this will also can be used to send invite for coworkers and customers.

What is similar between New Event with select Invitee versus New Meeting Request?
  • Both can be launch from Home page calendar and Open Activities of lead and contact.
  • When you can use customize logo in meeting request, it will be the same logo for both, you can configure from Setup | Customize | Activities | Activities Setting | Show Custom Logo in Meeting Requests
  • Both can invite User, Lead, and Contact
  • Both have start and end date time
  • Both have Location and Subject
  • Invitees will get email of the invite, although the message a little different, Meeting Request have more content, see screenshots below
  • Invitees to response the invite
  • Both event is report-able using standard report type = Events with Invitees

New Event with select Invitee

New Meeting Request

What is the difference between New Event & New Meeting Request?
An event does not necessarily mean that you will be having a meeting with someone, even the event type is meeting, your customer will not receive meeting invite, until you add them as Invitee. When you create new event, scroll down to the bottom and look for Select Invitees section

Once you add invitee to the event, notice the event title change from New Event to New Multi-Person Calendar Event, and there is a button Save & Send Update, this will send email to all invitee. Once New Meeting Request is confirmed, it will have the same behavior as Event with invitee.

New Event 
  • Sender will receive initial email and it consider confirmed invite
  • Meeting times is fixed
  • No customized message 
  • Event send will show in sender Calendar as "Scheduled Meetings"
  • Invitees to accept or decline invite, issue: sender do not get email when invitee response.

New Meeting Request
  • Sender can propose up to five meeting times
  • Sender can customize message
  • When meeting invite sent, event will be show in sender Calendar as "Requested Meetings"
  • Invitees receive email and select preferred meeting times or propose new times
  • After invitee responses, sender to confirm the meeting, sender will get email when invitee response.
  • Invitees will receive email and need to accept or decline confirmed meeting times, here we have the same issue as New Event, sender do not received email as well.
  • When sender confirmed the meeting time, event will move from "Requested Meetings"to "Scheduled Meetings" in Home page

Sample Report
In this scenario, we are using report type "Events with Invitees"
 Sender = Jack Bob
 Invitee 1 = Linda Yie (co-worker)
 Invitee 2 = Sean Lee (lead)

Initial sent
Linda received email
Sean received email

Linda select a time
Nothing change in report

Sean select a time
Nothing change in report

Jack confirm the meeting time
Linda received email
Sean received email

Sean accept & Linda reject the invite

Sender can track who has accept, decline and has not responded to the invite from the event itself.


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