Thursday, May 12, 2016

Salesforce: Who add Contact/Lead to Campaign?

In many organizations, Campaign is owned by Marketing, but Contact and Lead is owned by Sales. By default, all users can add Contact/Lead to Campaign as Campaign member.

There are many ways to add Contact/Lead to a Campaign as member, see this blog.

You can run a report with report type 'Campaigns with Campaign Members' to get all the members related to the campaign and other information for that members.

When you run the report, notice 3 important dates:
- Member First Associated Date: when is the member added to Campaign
- Member Status Update Date: when is last status update of the member
- Member First Responded Date: when is the status flip to Responded

But, the report do not have info on who add the Contact/Lead as member, it can be added by sales rep, marketing user, or by someone else.

1. Custom Field
Create a custom formula field with return type = Text.
CreatedBy.FirstName + " " + CreatedBy.LastName
So, just use the custom field to report type 'Campaigns with Campaign Members'.

2. Custom Report Type
Create custom report with Primary object = Campaigns and relate to Campaign Members.
Find Created By: Full Name field in Campaign Members object.
This field will show who is the user who add the Contact/Lead as member.

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