Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Salesforce: Opportunity Team Report

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about reporting for the Account Team, this blog would be for the Opportunity Team report. When you use the Opportunity report type, you can filter the result based on the owner, with options:

Let's see the difference between each option. In this sample, I'll login as "Maria Ann" and she has 2 subordinates: "Song Lee" and "Free Man".

My opportunities
All opportunities are owned by me, period!

My team-selling opportunities
All opportunities where I am listed in the Opportunity Team, no matter if I am the opportunity owner or not.

My team-selling and my opportunities 
This is the combination of My opportunities and My team-selling opportunities, although it doesn't mean the opportunity will be listed twice if it fit into both criteria, so you can't just sum the number of opportunity from My opportunities with My team-selling opportunities.

My team's opportunities
All opportunities owned by me and all opportunities owned by users below my role hierarchy, including the indirect reports.

My team's team-selling and their opportunities
All opportunities where I or any users below my role hierarchy were listed as in the Opportunity Team, no matter who owned the opportunity. This is similar to My team-selling opportunities but extended to my subordinates.

My territories' opportunities
Only available when Territory Management is enabled.

All Opportunities
All opportunities that you have visibility.

Filter by Role

Only for Opportunity report type, you can add a filter by Role, where this will filter only opportunities owned by users in the selected role, including users in the subordinates in the role hierarchy.

Additionally, you can narrow by person, by selecting a user name in the selected role hierarchy, this will only be impactful when there is more than 1 user in the same role hierarchy, while all the subordinates are still the same.

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