Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Enabler for Excel" for Salesforce (part 2)

This blog is continuation from part 1. Some features not really directly access Salesforce data, but it help admin in analysing data downloaded from Salesforce to Ms Excel.

1. Convert IDs from 15 to 18 chars
This is very simple feature which will do convert Salesforce Id from 15 to 18 characters. Please not that both Id (15 and 18) are valid Id. So, what is the different?
- 15 character Id is case-sensitive, where when you work in Ms Excel function, such as VLOOKUP(), it will not check case sensitivity and cause duplication.
- 18 character Id is case-insensitive, so it is easier when work in Ms Excel.

You just need to select a cell or row of cells with 15 IDs character and the result of 18 characters ID will overwrite the original 18 characters IDs.

2. Diff
This is another simple feature to compare value of cells in 2 columns, you can choose for case-sensitive or case-insensitive. This tool will not compare value of cell in order.

3. Settings
In Setting, you can adjust batch size of update, insert and delete separately. Also path of log file and it will you if any new version available.

4. Field Utilization
Heard about Field Trip app in AppExchange? This feature is almost similar, but you do not need to install anything in your Salesforce.
Often system admin add new field based on some requirements, but over the time those fields no longer used. This feature is good to analyse field utilization when we need to do fields clean-up
- Select an object
- Select fields you want to analyze, hold Ctrl key to select more field
- You can leave Criteria text area blank to select all data
- Click OK button
- It will create a new worksheet with information total number of records with column: Field% utilized and No. of records of that field

5. VisualForce from Layout
This is pretty cool feature for new developer interested to learn Visualforce page. It will create a visualforce markup file from a page layout in Salesforce.

6. Analyze Layouts
This last feature will get all fields information of an object, information will show in columns:
  • Object Name
  • Label
  • Field Definition/Description
  • Field Type (Roll-Up Summary will show as Formula field)
  • Pick list Values (if applicable)
  • API Name
  • Calculation (if formula field)

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