Friday, June 13, 2014

Singapore's First Salesforce MVP

1st May 2014 marked a new milestone for my journey with Salesforce. I am honored to announce I am now a Salesforce MVP, and the first for Singapore.

I started my journey with as a developer with a consulting firm in September 2004. This means (in the next few months), I’ll be celebrating my 10th year within the community.

As time passes by, I’ve seen my career grow from being a developer to a consultant. Two years ago I joined a US MNC as a Business System Analyst based in Singapore, still within the community.

Why do I like Salesforce? As an admin or developer, I do not need to worry about maintaining servers, databases, backup and patches because everything is in the cloud. I can access Salesforce from anywhere, on any device through the Salesforce1 mobile app.

My passion and enthusiasm for products has increased my willingness to learn, grow and share with the community. Salesforce Answers Community is a place where I spend my free time. This is a place where members can ask questions about Salesforce. I stay active in the community and it helps me to learn more about Salesforce. I can learn more about the requirements, solutions and best practice of other members. If my organisation has similar requirements, I will already know a possible solution. Staying active in this community helps me to prepare to take Salesforce Certifications, right now I hold 3 active Salesforce/ certifications.

Around early 2013, I attended a local Singapore Salesforce User Group, and it was great to meet up with people with the same passion. Since that very first meeting, I have not missed a single user group meeting. In mid-2013, I became a user group co-leader to run and grow the community, and now we have more than 300 members and it keeps growing.

To be selected as an MVP is a dream come true. It’s for anyone with the heart and passion to help each other - by writing blog posts,using social media, being active in the Success Community, andparticipating in local user groups. With my new status as MVP, I hope I can do more for my company and the community.


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