Thursday, June 12, 2014

Salesforce: Enhanced Lookups

This blog is continuation of my previous blog about Lookup Auto-Completion. Beside Auto-Lookup, Salesforce also have Enhanced Lookup feature, and this is also not enable by default. Currently only account, contact, user, and custom object lookups can use this feature.

How to enable it? Go to: Setup - Customize - Search - Search Settings, scroll down to Lookup Settings and check objects that you need to enable for Enhanced Lookups.

What is the 'extra' when enable this feature?
  • Ability to sort search result by any column
  • Ability to search not just Name, but also All Fields in that object
  • Ability to modify columns shown in the search result, to modify available columns in lookup result, go to Search Results in the object Search Layouts menu.

This is the same auto-completion, only the parent object (not child object) need to enable for enhanced lookups.

Before enabling Enhanced Lookups

After enabling Enhanced Lookups

ReferenceEnabling Enhanced Lookups

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