Thursday, June 19, 2014

Salesforce: Dashboard Snapshot

If you are not aware, in Salesforce we can post a snapshot of a dashboard component to Chatter feed, whether to a User or Chatter Group or to Dashboard feed. A snapshot is a static image of a dashboard component at a specific point of time when the dashboard last refresh.

Posting a dashboard component to a group is a good practice to share and collaborate with team member. While posting to dashboard feed will help us to follow changes of the data in the dashboard.

How to post it? Just hover mouse over a dashboard component, see arrow at top right of the chart component. If you not see it, contact your system admin to enable it. But if you are the admin, see following steps:

1. Enable Feed Tracking for Dashboards
Go to Setup - Customize - ChatterFeed Tracking
Look for Dashboard object and tick Enable Feed Tracking

2. Enable Post to User or Chatter Group
Go to Setup - Customize - Reports & Dashboards - User Interface
Look for Chatter Options and tick Enable Dashboard Component Snapshots

If you have enable both option above, go back to your dashboard and make sure the page is refresh.

Screenshot below taken when step (2) has not enabled, notice you will see 1 option only.

This screenshot after enable step (2), notice it has option to post snapshot to User or Group feed.

Here is the screenshot post to Dashboard feed and to Chatter Group.


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