Saturday, June 28, 2014

Salesforce: Custom Field and Custom Object Search

For those of you have hundreds of fields in many custom objects, do you wish if you search any of them easily without have to go through each object? If yes, you have to mostly welcome Summer '14 release.

If you have enable Enable Advanced Setup Search (Beta), from Setup - Customize - ActivitiesUser Interface, and fine it in Advanced section.

Before Summer '14 release, if you have Enable Advanced Setup Search (Beta), when user type in the setup search box, user immediately see menu pages whose names match what you're typing.

When you press Enter, you'll see a page listing any matching Groups, Permission Sets, Profiles, Users, and Roles.

Good news from Summer '14 release onwards, the search result will include Custom Field and Custom Object.

With custom field search, an administrator or developer can find the custom field definitions he/she is searching for dramatically faster by searching for them by name. For example, searching for “loc” returns all custom fields across all objects whose name includes “loc”, such as “Account Location”, “Asset Location,” and “Vehicle Location.”

With custom object search, you can find the custom object definition you need immediately by typing in at least two letters of its name. For example, searching for “ex” returns “Exam,” “Expense,” “Expertise,” and so on.

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