Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chatter Moderator Profile

For user, most of us should know and use Chatter for collaboration. But, if user do not need to access CRM or app built in your company, admin can assign user with Chatter Free license. Salesforce give 5000 Chatter Free licenses and 500 Chatter External licenses.

By default, you will see 2 profile for Chatter Free license: Chatter Moderator User and Chatter Free User. Both profiles dedicated only for Chatter users without access to any Salesforce or objects and cannot be reference as User lookup field. In profile setting Administrative Permissions, both profiles only able to customize Invite Customers To Chatter. If you notice, the different between this two profile is Moderate Chatter permission and Password Never Expires.

Here we will discuss what is Moderate Chatter permission? You can tell if someone is a moderator by the special banner on their profile picture.

A moderator is a Chatter user with some additional privileges, such as:

1. Assign a Chatter Free user as moderator or take the privilege away
Red arrow in screenshot above will give Chatter Free user with Moderator privilege, this will automatically change user profile to Chatter Moderator User.

2. Activate or deactivate Chatter Free user
Yellow arrow in screenshot above will deactivate Chatter user

3. Delete posts and comments that they can see
Above screenshot taken from a Chatter group, where user is not Owner or Manager of the group, but since he has Moderator privilege, user can delete a post or comment.

But, moderator is not system administrator with View All Data permission, moderator not able to see Private Group, so for Private Group, moderator need permission to join / access a private Chatter Group.

Chatter External User
If you enable Customer Invitations from Setup - Customize - Chatter - SettingsAllow Customer Invitations, you will see another profile called Chatter External User.
This profile is designed for external user, so you can invite your customers join your company Chatter and collaborate with internal employee.

You can set Chatter External User as Manager of a group, but you can limit their permission not to invite user from Profile Setting.


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