Friday, February 26, 2021

Salesforce: Lightning Record Page

What is the Lightning Record Page? 

Lightning Record Page is not the same as Page Layout, it is more than the Classic Page Layout.

From the above screenshot:
  • Red box = lightning record page
  • Blue box = page layout

Page layout (under the Detail tab) is part of a lightning record page. Page layout is required to show fields of the object, until Dynamic Forms widely available.

The "Related" tab contains related lists which are defined in the page layout.

Buttons at the upper right corner also defined in the page layout, but this can be upgraded to Dynamic Actions which was introduced in the last few releases.

Lightning versus Classic

  • Lightning Record Page only for Lightning 
  • Page Layout is a heritage from Classic

Setup Lightning Record Page

Go to the object manager, open the object and find the Lightning Record Pages tab, you can open the Lightning record page or view page assignment.

there are two lightning record pages for this object

You can view and lookup the lightning page assignment from the View Page Assignments button. Lightning Record Page can be assigned by:
  • App
  • Record type
  • Profile

From Lightning record pages in an object, click:
View Page Assignments button, you will be landed at the About Assignments tab,  use Look Up an Assignment to lookup which lightning page is assigned to a specific App, Record Type, and Profile. 

Org Default tab display lightning page set as org default for that object, except where other assignments are defined, such as app default or app, form factor, record type, and profile.

App Default tab display lightning page set as default lightning page for s specific App, except where other assignments are defined, such as App, Record Type, and Profile.

App, Record Type, and Profile tab to see if any lightning pages assignment based on App, Record Type, Profile and Form Factor.

Assigning Lightning Page

Navigate to Lightning App Builder to view all lightning pages, or to create, edit, clone, or delete the existing lightning pages. 

By opening a lightning record page, you can see if the page is assigned to which app, record type, and profile, also form factor.

To assign a lightning page, edit the lightning page, click the Activation... button, from here you can:
  • Assign as Org Default
  • Assign as App Default
  • Assign based on App, Record Type, Profile and Form Factor


  1. Great post, useful and understandable

  2. Anyone know how to rename these lightning pages when creating them or editing ?

    1. when you create new page, it will ask for label
      to rename existing page, edit it and look at right panel for label and developer name

    2. how can I get the Page to be default in my partner community


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