Saturday, February 13, 2021

Salesforce: Email sent related to Case Assignment Rule

In the previous blog, we discussed the Queue Email and Case Assignment Rule. So ideally, upon case creation, we use case assignment rule to change the case owner to a queue based on the criteria defined in case assignment rules.


There are 2 things:
  • Queue Email
  • Send Email to Members

In the Queue Email blog, we said that email will be sent to queue members 
1. Queue Email is blank, regardless of the 'Send Email to Members' checkbox is selected or not
2. Queue Email is NOT blank, but Send Email to Members is selected.

Case Assignment Rules

When we look at Case Assignment Rule, there is Email Template that needs to be defined here, once Email Template entered, it will appear as a tick in the Rule Entries.

Rule Entries


Let's see how this work in the relation to Email Template in the Case Assignment Rule with Queue email setting:

For case change owner email notification, the default email template is "Support: Case Assignment Notification", however, you can change this under Support Settings in the Setup menu and looks for Case Assigned Template
Or, you even can remove template defined, then Salesforce will just send a simple message "Case transferred to you" with the content of Case number and Case URL.


From above for case assignment rule:
  • No email will be sent if no email template is entered in the assignment rule
  • Yellow highlight is aligned with point (1)
  • Green highlight also aligned with (2) -- for queue members + queue email
  • Manual change owner will use the standard salesforce email template for change owner
To have more granular actions when the email sent, you can use Workflow or Process Builder or Flow.

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