Saturday, February 6, 2021

Salesforce: Sending Email from Case

In the previous blog, we discussed sending email from Salesforce, as we mentioned in that blog, there is a difference for sending email from the Case object with other objects (standard and custom). Probably that Case is considered as the main object in Service Cloud and related to Case Feed implementation.

Not Organization-Wide Email Addresses

Adding email to Organization-Wide Email Addresses does not relate to sender option in the email from Case, but you must enable Email-to-Case, then the email address from Email-to-Case will appear as sender in Case. Email address added to Organization-Wide Email Addresses will not appear as sender in Case.

Email tab

Instead of located under the Activity tab, the Email tab will be in the Chatter tab. The workaround is to add the Chatter component under the Activity tab, but this will also show Chatter items too such as Post, Poll, and Question.

Email address visibility

Different from email addresses added in Organization-Wide Email Addresses, where we can control the email address will only visible to which profiles. We do not have that option for Email-to-Case, so all email address added to Email-to-Case will appear for all users, feel free to vote this idea and this idea.


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