Saturday, February 20, 2021

Salesforce: Email Alert Recipients

Email Alert can be used to send an email via Workflow Rule, Process Builder, or Flow. There are a few important items in the email alert:

The email alert will only available for the related Workflow rule or Process Builder. 

Email Template
We defined the email Subject and Body here, including using merge fields and adding attachments.

This can be users in Salesforce, or Contact, or Email address in fields, this is defined as Recipients Type. You also can add up to 5 email address directly entered in the email alert.

From Email Address (Sender)
Who will be the email sender? 
- The current user who triggers the email alert
- Default workflow user
- One of mailbox added into Organization-Wide Email Addresses

Recipients Type

Depends on your Salesforce licenses purchased and feature enabled, you may see more recipient type in the email alert. The list of recipients is the same for all objects. 

Org. with standard Salesforce license 

Org. with Communities/Experience Cloud

If you select particular recipients that are not relevant, such as Case Team for an Account email alert, this will be ignored. The same if there is no user/value for the selected recipient, this will be ignored too. If the recipient is the same user for more than 1 type, such as Account Owner and Owner (for Opportunity), the user will only receive one email, instead of 2 emails.

For Team, you need to select Team Roles, so all users for selected team roles will receive the email sent.

Check out this article for descriptions of each recipient type, some of them are very obvious, so I will not discuss them further.

Account Owner
This option works only for email alerts on accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, contracts, and any custom object that is a child of the account object. If you select another object type or the associated account doesn’t have an account owner, Salesforce sends the email alert to the record owner instead.

Account Team
Emails are sent only when the rule is associated with the account object or its immediate child objects.

Email Field
All fields in the selected object with the field type = Email.

In object supported by queue, the owner here can be a queue, so all queue members or queue email (check here Queue Email) will receive the email.

Related Contact
All fields in the selected object with the field type are Lookup(Contact).

Related User
All fields in the selected object with the field type are Lookup(User).


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  1. Would be great if you could also explain how language works. That if you are using custom labels, the language for translation is set based on sender, not receiver.


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