Monday, February 1, 2021

Sending Email from Salesforce

As a CRM system, Salesforce offers basic functionality to send emails, let's check this out. 

Send from any objects
We can send email from any objects in Salesforce, but additionally, for Lead and Contact, the "To" will be automatically filled with the lead or contact's email, for other objects, it will be just blank. 

You can create a send email action in that object. In that action, set a predefined field value "To" with a field with the email address or from the related object such as Contact.

By default "From" would be your name and your email address as in Salesforce. If you notice in the top screenshot, there is BCC to yourself, this is because "Automatic BCC" is enabled in your email setting. You also can add your email signature from "My Email Settings".

Overwrite Sender
As the above screenshot, you can change your name in sender email from "How would you like your name to appear on your outgoing email?", also overwrite the email address in "What email address would you like to use as your return address?"

You need to verify the request in the new email address, once verified, you will see the sender as new email address, instead of your original email address.

Organization-Wide Email Addresses
Can we add a general email as the sender "From"? Yes, an organization-wide email address associates a single email address to a user profile. Each user in the profile can send an email using this address. Users will share the same display name and email address.

This email must be a valid email address because it needs to be verified. Let's add emails to the organization-wide email address. Go to the setup menu, search for Organization-Wide Addresses, click Add button, select profiles allows able to use this email address as a sender.

Now, open a lead or contact or any other records, you should be able to select the new email address added as the sender, usually, this would be a shared mailbox or distribution list.

However, all the above mentioned is NOT applicable to the Case, you will not see the Email tab in Activity by default. Salesforce treats Case on its own, with additional Email-to-Case and Web-to-Case. We will discuss sending an email from Case in the next blog. 


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